In all industries, people use data to make better informed decisions. This is no different for athletes and coaches.

We want to make this technology available to as many people as possible, not just elite sporting teams.

We also understand that the majority of our clients won’t have access to a sports scientist to interpret the results, this is why we have built the product with you, the end user, in mind.

With easy to understand results, we have built this system from the ground up to ensure that you can quickly see your results after a session and that you can easily understand the results by answering key questions:

“Did I train hard enough today ?"

“Am I at risk of injury due to incorrect training loads ?”

Meet the team

Adrian faccioni

Adrian Faccioni

Adrian is the entrepreneur who started the global sports wearable industry with the establishment of the first Sport tracking company in 2000. Adrian now wants to bring this level of technology to the masses through the development of the AxSys GPS system.



Michael Micieli

Michael has a Masters in Sports Science and significant experience in the use and interpretation of Sport tracking technologies in sport. Michael is very suited for his role as Research & Development Manager – Web & Mobile.



Loris Bertolacci

Exercise Physiologist ESSA & NTIS Coach and Athlete Development Role – Consultant to AxSys Performance.

Loris has had a long and illustrious career in sport conditioning and now Exercise Science. An Elite athlete, High Performance manager for professional AFL, running his own High Performance Centre to now being a registered Exercise Physiologist through ESSA and Northern Territory Institute of Sport Coach and Athlete Development manager.